1xBet requires two stand method of successful ICE exhibition

1xBet requires two stand method of successful ICE exhibition

1xBet showcased its B2B product for the first time finally month’s Glaciers exhibition, before introducing its one-year old affiliate marketer program to markets across Asia, Africa, European countries, and Latin America.

Having hosted two stands at Snow (6-8 Feb), one for B2C and one for B2B, the Western operator said the results of the exhibition experienced “exceeded all expectations”.

The 1xBet press service said: “So how exactly does 1xWager stand out from the other exhibitors? 1xBet is mostly of the companies that are successful on the B2C market, and it now has a high-quality product to provide affiliates of the business. We are able to say confidently that customers will get precisely what they need.

“The results of the exhibition exceeded all our expectations: there was a lot appealing inside our product and useful contacts were made. This marketing was beneficial not only for 1xWager, also for other exhibitors and guests.”

In the mean time, 1xWager backed up its ICE presence by exhibiting at the London Affiliate Meeting (LAC). Specialists from the business met with current affiliate marketers to discuss fresh ideas and new proposals to enhance the quality of products and services within its Affiliate Program.

The statement continued: “This season, affiliates from all over the world visited our stand. During the exhibition, we met with our established companions and made new business contacts with visitors and other exhibitors. We hope that these exchanges will develop into long-term mutually beneficial interactions.

“Over a short space of time, we have introduced ourselves and our Affiliate Program to marketplaces throughout http://1xbet-giris.xyz/mobil-apk/ the world. A lot of successful work is being done to entice traffic from Asia, Africa, European countries, and Latin America. In addition, we are actively submitting applications and steadily getting licenses to use in various countries.”

With only a few days to go before start of ICE London (6-8 Feb), the sponsors of London Baby have embraced the growing ‘hype’ around the world’s biggest video gaming exhibition.

Once again, SBC has became a member of pushes with iGaming Business to web host #londonbaby2018, the biggest marketing party on the first night of the exhibition (6 Feb), kept at the beautiful Café de Paris.

While blockchain technology and the starting of the US gambling market are anticipated to garner significant attention at Snow and networking celebrations across the week, OPTIMA CEO Jacob Lopez highlighted machine learning as another key subject of interest.

This was after each of the sponsors of London Baby was asked to predict what the industry ‘buzzword’ or ‘buzzwords’ would be because of this calendar year’s event.

Alex Inglot, Director of Communications for Sportradar, said: “This season, a lot of attendees and many debates will focus around what may or may not happen in the US this year in relation to sports betting.

“The Supreme Court’s decision could have seismic implications for the industry and it will impact sports leagues, regulators, condition specialists, existing US casinos and providers, international operators, suppliers and of course the US community.

“It is almost impossible to predict what the ultimate verdict will be, but many at ICE will already be situation planning and seeking to get a read from others visiting the ExCeL this February.”

Valentyn Kyrylenko, VP of Business Development for BetInvest, said: “Individualized engagement and implementation of data-driven customer value management will be a trending topic at ICE 2018. At BetInvest, we realised that no matter how good the algorithms are, computers still require the instructions for whatever they are doing.

“The leaders in igaming, and especially sports betting, will not be the companies with innovative technology (however controversial it may sound to the reader) but those companies, which over time of operation, were able to collect large amounts of data.

“As my colleague and good friend Nik Rudenko (CMO of FavBet) likes to say, ‘Traffic is the Ruler’. But my place, which is at the intersection of trying to find the best new opportunities and making sure they pass the smell test taught me, is that the biggest opportunities rest in the hands of those companies who become data centric in their customer strategy.

“The companies which keep data and can make their machines analyse data and know what to do, based on this content of the info and its range without specific instruction, will become as unreachable to the competition as eBay to the new WordPress start-up.

“The firms keeping big data can still generate correct customer behavior even with the uncertain parts of data because of its cumulative nature. In my own view, the near future ‘Amazons’ of sports betting will be a different variety of companies. Such companies remain sitting down in the duck blind unaware that one move can transform the position quo.”

Thomas Nielsen, Mind of Game Licensing at Magnet Gaming, said: “Blockchain is a buzzword with backbone, and having exploded onto the picture so quickly, it has recently asserted its game-changing benefits to such an degree that longevity is undeniable.

“As with all buzzwords, interest within the general public domain name will inevitably wain but within business and especially inside our industry, blockchain is gathering momentum on a regular basis.

“It really is providing transparency, accountability and decentralisation in a way that many are calling groundbreaking and, unlike many buzzwords that have come and gone, blockchain has the potential to essentially anchor itself.

“It could do so much more than simply record monetary transactions – we have observed the inceptions of corporate and business alliances, start-ups and initiatives all off the trunk of blockchain, and it evidently has the ability to transform the way many industries operate.”

Adriaan Brink, Founder and CEO of BetterBetting, said: “Crypto. The world of digital money is leading to disruption across many sectors, including betting. It’s been impossible to disregard to hype around Bitcoin and Ethereum and the rise of new cryptocurrencies.

“The thought of a making a safe and robust decentralised peer-to peer system optimised by use of blockchain technology is revolutionary. BetterBetting offers just that, providing an innovative, decentralised sports wagering system, facilitated through use of the BETR token.

“Getting rid of friction, while providing transparency and fairness for a wager between two occasions who’ve no relationship with each other, will change just how betting works for everyone.”

Evgeniy Kiriushin, Head of Business Development for 1xWager, said: “1xBet always goes into step with the rapidly changing world. We consider the buzzwords for the former, and the next season, are ‘higher, faster, and stronger’.

“We are living in a active and high-tech world; information is ubiquitous, and you may place a bet, make a payment or transfer money just utilizing a telephone and wi-fi.

“For our partners, it is absolutely important that statistics are updated normally as you possibly can – using our very own partnership, program companions can see updated of statistic each hour.”

1xBet white label sportsbook kickstarts Melbet growth

1xBet white label sportsbook kickstarts Melbet growth

1xWager is preparing to meet the challenge of producing “modern, in-demand, simple and high-capacity betting http://1xbet-giris.xyz/1xbet-bahis/ products” for white label partners such as Melbet.com.

The sports activities betting company has go about obtaining more licences to increase the number of countries it can operate in, through both its B2C product and new B2B partnerships.

Evgeniy Kiriushin, Mind of Business Development for 1xBet, said: “Last year, because we received so many requests for B2B based partnerships, we made the decision to make several white labels.

“The experience turned out to be quite successful, which stimulated the new B2B direction for our company. Melbet.com shows active growth since operating the new system.”

1xBet, whose main functional activity is certified by the government bodies in Curacao, is convinced it can deal with the needs of multiple companions, having set up support services to run 24/7 with offices in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Moldova, Hong Kong, Philippines, Colombia, Spain, Cyprus, Ukraine, spanning several different time zones.

Kiriushin continuing: “We’ve already developed significant experience in operating our B2C platform in different countries across several continents. This implies we understand exactly what our players need.

“Of course, global design changes extends enough time, but we are focused on producing modern, in-demand, simple and high-capacity betting products. We make an effort to make our product as clear and simple for everybody as it can be, while implementing almost all design recommendations from our B2B companions.

Andrea Pirlo joins 1xBet as brand ambassador

Andrea Pirlo, one of the very most revered players in recent soccer history, has joined 1xWager as a brand ambassador in a deal that will run for the whole of 2018.

Pirlo, who will feature in 1xWager promotional initiatives and be a part of marketing events, made this announcement on his Facebook page: “I’m pleased to announce my ambassador partnership with 1xBET company. We’ve many good events ahead!”

In the meantime, a declaration from the 1xWager press service read: “We’ve put a great deal of thought into choosing our ambassador. Being a constantly growing brand, we needed a distinctive personality because of this role.

“Andrea Pirlo ticks all the containers. We’ve a lot in keeping; Pirlo has always well known his opponents, followed the concepts of fair play and was large with his aids. Similarly, at 1xWager we care about our customers and companions and we respect our competitors.

“Andrea Pirlo is a star and we are honoured to work with him. He will help indulge our target audience all over the world. Joining forces with one of the world’s biggest football stars is only the first in a number of ambitious tasks planned by 1xBet for 2018.”

Before retiring by the end of the 2017 MLS season, Pirlo loved a decorated profession in football, earning six Serie A titles, two Coppa Italia’s, two Champions Group’s and the FIFA World Glass in 2006, where he won more ‘man of the match’ honours than every other player.

1xBet integrates online slot and video bingo games from MGA

1xBet integrates online slot and video bingo games from MGA

International operator 1xBet has increased its library of online slot and video bingo games through a new alliance with the online division of Spanish gaming company MGA.

Content from MGA Games will be fully integrated into 1xBet’s product offer, specifically for markets where online gaming is regulated or on the path to regulation.

1xBet has access to the complete collection, which includes the Lucky Dragon, Wild Africa and Cabaret slots, as well as the Detective, Zeus and Castle video bingo games.

The 1xBet press statement read: “Online slots and video bingo games are extremely popular amongst our player base.

“We are very happy to have MGA in our portfolio, and we hope our players enjoy the content as much as we do. It’s an honour to work with the winner of the Best eGaming Technology Provider Award.”

José Antonio Giacomelli, MGA’s New Technologies Director, said: “1xBet is an international operator with a significant presence around the world. We are very proud that they have chosen MGA Games as a partner to increase their collection of reliable, quality content.”

He added: “It encourages us to maintain high standards of product and service quality, which, indeed, open the doors for us to international markets.”

Mario joins list of key traffic drivers for 1xGames collection

Pachinko, Penalties and Russian Roulette have been joined by a unique version of Mario as key traffic drivers on 1xGames, the online games collection hosted by 1xBet.

Added to 1xGames in late October, Mario is a new variation of the classic Super Mario – a platform video game that first became popular in the 1980’s, and Pachinko is promoted as an “amazing mix of slot machine and cosmic pinball”.

Penalties was described by 1xBet as “football, but not in the classic sense”, in which players are asked to predict the direction of the striker’s shots, while Russian roulette has been set up for “thrill seekers” who select a cartridge, spin the cylinder and pull the trigger.

Over two years, 1xGames has grown to include more than 80 games of different kinds including card games, slots, survival games, board games and, crucially, those after which players can use an algorithm to test that they are ‘provably fair’ on the part of the operator.

Affiliates or white label exponents of the 1xBet platform can work with the full collection of games, all of which have been fully developed in-house from concept to gameplay. Each game is complete with marketing tools such as free spins, bonuses, cashback opportunities and a ‘wheel of fortune’.

Eugene Kiryukhin, 1xBet’s Director for Development of International Partners, said: “1xGames is one of 1xBet’s key gambling products. We’ve got everyone’s favourite online games here to keep players coming back for more. As well as all the classic games, we’ve got some pretty unusual ones and some with a bit of a twist.”

1xBet named as international presenting partner for Serie A

1xBet has been named International Presenting Partner of Italy’s Serie A from 2018 to 2021, covering Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North Africa and the Americas.

The announcement follows Interregional Sports Group’s (ISG) renewal of the International Presenting Sponsor (IPS) rights for Italy’s top football league – a category that ISG introduced to the market for the first time in the 2015/16 season.

“We are delighted to have 1xBet as a partner,” said ISG joint Chairman Simon Burgess. “We are confident that Serie A will enable 1xBet to boost its brand courtesy of a direct link 1xbet casino mobil with its target audience.”

As part of the agreement, 1xBet will be featured in all match graphics, idents and virtual goal mat advertising across every live Serie A game, on all platforms that are broadcast in the regions covered in the terms of the deal.

In addition, 1xBet will have extensive use of on and off-line assets, and will launch activation programmes alongside the league in each of its territories.

A spokesman for 1xBet said: “We are proud to have signed a partnership agreement for the next three seasons, and we hope that we will make a tangible contribution to the development of Italian football as well as giving the fans the best betting experience.”